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Dysphagia CEU

Many thanks to Yvette McCoy for sharing her experience in this guest post today.

I admit it. I have an unhealthy obsession with CEUs. Every time I say I am done for the month, I see another course that piques my interest. To be honest, I love learning, and I always have. Once I find something that I am curious about I want to learn as much as I can about that particular subject.

I am a practical and functional clinician. When I begin to look for a dysphagia CEU course, that is one of the criteria by which I judge the course. Is it functional? Will I use it immediately in therapy? Did it enhance my knowledge base? Is it based on current research? Is the presenter knowledgeable?

Using these criteria, the following are my favorite five dysphagia CEU courses. These courses are all intermediate level and are meant for the advanced clinician.

Five Favorite Dysphagia CEU Courses

  1. MBSimP is a standardized assessment tool for modified barium swallow studies. The MBSImP helps clinicians develop an objective profile of the physiologic impairment affecting adult swallowing function and allows for better communication between trained clinicians. It is a must for any clinician that is regularly completing MBSS assessments. Upon successful completion of this course you will be placed in a registry of MBSimP registered clinicians. This certification is good for 5 years and then you must retest to maintain certification. This one is expensive, but well worth the cost.
    Cost: $600
    CEUs: 21
  2. FEES with Dr. Susan Langmore Dr. Langmore developed the FEES procedure in 1988. This course is held at Boston Medical Center and is a very thorough hands-on course. You leave with a wealth of practical information and will enjoy a full day of “scope passing”. This one is pricey; however, the course content and hands-on instruction along with the flash drive including power point slides and videos make it well worth the investment.
    Cost: $550
    CEUs: 13.5
  3. Aspiration Pneumonia and the role of the SLP Excellent course that really highlights how we as SLPs should intervene accordingly when consulted with these medically fragile patients. I really learned the importance of my role as the “consultant” and that often physicians look to us when deciding how to move forward with treatment for the patient.
    Cost: $79
    CEUs: 6
  4. How Do we Treat This Patient with Dysphagia? This is an excellent course. It has case studies that give you a chance to “figure out” what you would do in each case. There are “correct” answers to these case studies as you move through the course. I enjoyed the practicality and used it in treatment. It enabled me to “think” immediately about “what to do” in certain cases.
    Cost: $24
    CEUs: 1
  5. Relevance of Lab Values and Medication in Dysphagia Management This course was very interesting and is really geared for medical SLP in the acute care setting. What I loved most about this course is that it teaches clinicians how to interpret what is seen in the medical chart and decipher language within reports to enable the medical SLP to integrate that information into patient management and with differential diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia. Excellent course!
    Cost: $24
    CEUs: 1

All of these courses can be completed online with the exception of the FEES course. MBSimP has both a live course and online option.

Other resources for dysphagia CEU courses

  • Passy-Muir has an entire website full of free CEUs that are all related to trach and vent management.
  • Northern Speech Services has the best CEUS for the money in my experience. I have been a peer reviewer for NSS.
  • charges $99 for an entire year of unlimited CEUs.
  • CIAO Seminars hosts a great deal of excellent dysphagia seminars as well and most of their courses come with an excellent online anatomy course.
  • CEU Allied Health is new to the dysphagia CEU arena, it is run by Eric Blicker, MA,CCC/SLP.D, BCS-S His courses are very specific to dysphagia and are reasonably priced.
  • Specialty Board Swallowing & Swallowing Disorders also offers a variety of CEUs for dysphagia only. Most of these courses have been talks that have been made available by the board.
  • SIG 13 also offers dysphagia CEUS for $5 through Perspectives their online publication. It is excellent and worth the nominal fee. You must be a member of SIG 13 to complete the self-study courses at $5 rate.

I’m taking the McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program next. What about you?

As a lifelong learner and lover of dysphagia, I hope this as been helpful. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a few of my favorites. Happy Learning!

Yvette McCoy, is certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and licensed in the State of Maryland. She is the owner of Speak Well Solutions, LLC a private practice that specializes in pediatric and adult therapy. Her areas of expertise include adult neurogenic communication disorders, dysphagia, as well as child language, phonology. She also has specialized training in the area of accent reduction, and is certified by the Institute of Language and Phonology. She is a certified Vital Stim provider as well as MBSimp registered clinician. She obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Pathology from Northeast Missouri State University in 1990. In 1991 she earned a Master of Science in Speech Pathology from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. When she is not working you will find her playing games with her 3 children, walking her Weimaraner, reading, knitting, and singing. Follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Rachel is a speech-language pathologist and creator of Gray Matter Therapy. She started making noise as a patient-centered care advocate in 2013. She believes great care happens when patients are informed and engaged.
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  • Erick Kirks

    These are all great resources for dysphagia CEU’s, thanks for sharing! I wanted to let you know about these FEES and MDTP courses as well that you may want to share with your readers. Thanks again for the great info!

  • Dr Eric Blicker MA CCC-SLP.D BCS-S

    I have the upmost respect and appreciation for Yvette and Rachel. I have worked 7 days a week for the most part over the past 15 years trying to get to this point. I built the website from nothing and will continue to try to improve it everyday. This is very humbling to be mentioned in the company of the top CEU sites.
    Warm Regards
    Dr Eric Blicker MA CCC-SLP. D BCS-S

  • Rachel Scheidler

    It would be helpful to know where to find CEU courses #3-5. Thanks.

    • Rachel Wynn


      Absolutely. Just click on the title of for each CEU. That will link you to a source where you can learn more and sign up.

  • Jennifer Jones, PhD, BCS-S

    I offer a fabulous 1 day course for Pediatric MBSS and 1 day course for Adult MBSS. I don’t think many people know about them because they are offered by Talk Tools, which is generally not a company known for offering medical courses related to swallowing. However, they are very interactive and I show over 30 swallow studies in each course where we identify disorders and plan treatment. The next course is in California in April and I invite you to attend. I’m sure it would not disappoint.

    • Miossottys Plaza

      Hello Dr. Jones,
      Please send me information about your courses to: mplaza401@sunmail.albizu
      I am a grad student in Puerto Rico and there are no MBS certification courses here. Thanks in advance, Miossottys Plaza

  • MichelleSkelley

    SA Swallowing Services provides a 15 hour Basic FEES class and a 14 hour Advance FEES class. Check us out at Join us on Facebook too.

  • Dee Nelson

    I read your MDTP post too. I’m a lover of CEUs too :) I’ve done Vital Stim, a number of PMV ones, University of Wisconsin Surgery has some great free ones, and Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention for my dysphagia work.