Wrangling Social Media: Creating Content

For a private practice owner or an SLP blogger managing or wrangling social media is tough. It’s not complex. It’s just overwhelming, because there are so many options.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve narrowed my focus to FacebookTwitterPinterest, and the Gray Matter Therapy Blog.

Up until now I was trying to publish a blog post twice weekly and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest when I thought about it. Unfortunately this led to a flood of content and then a lag. I wanted to develop a plan that would help me be most consistent in my visibility on social media with higher quality planned content.

So here is the plan I hope will work for me. Toy around with the idea and see if you can adapt it to work for you. (Yes, I’m talking to you, friends who say, “I wish I blogged more often.”)

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance

Since I created the week at a glance for my own use, let me explain a few things:

  • “Archive GMT blog post” will be sharing a link to a previous older post. Newer readers will be gently guided through reading previous posts. 
  • “Link to article” refers to sharing a link to an article outside of my blog. This will help bring my readers important information as well as help me strengthen connection to bloggers/writers/organizations within my community (local and online practice community).
  • “Link to video/article” is pretty much the same as prior, but I’ll include videos and podcasts such as TED, This American Life, RadioLab, etc.
  • “Share Blog” will be the link to the most recent blog, published the day prior to sharing on social media.
  • “Personal” will be a post or a picture of behind the scenes work, learning about me, etc. I think it’s important to cultivate a dynamic personal image. I am not just a professional but also a person just like my readers.
  • Linking to articles and/or videos on Twitter and Facebook may be the same content each week or I may mix it up depending on the week.
  • I have less personal draw toward Pinterest than the other sites, but I realize it is very popular. So once a week I will add my blog posts, links, etc. to Pinterest as I curate content that is important to me.

I’m using Google Calendar to organize all of the social media posting. I created a separate calendar within Google Calendar for my social media planning. I set up recurring events for each of the weekly interactions.

Google Calendar

Red = Pinterest

Teal = Twitter

Blue = Facebook

Gray = Blog

Today I might have a great idea for a post on Thursday or a post in 3 weeks. When I have an idea for a future post, I can click on the date for when I want to publish and edit just that event in the description. For a link to post on Facebook, I might include my comment and the link, so it is ready to paste into my Facebook status update box.

This plan is just for my Gray Matter Therapy social media accounts and not my “Rachel is an SLP and blogs at Talks Just Fine” accounts.

Do you plan your social media content? What system or schedule do you use?

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Rachel Wynn

Speech-Language Pathologist at Gray Matter Therapy
Rachel is a speech-language pathologist and creator of Gray Matter Therapy. She started making noise as a patient-centered care advocate in 2013. She believes great care happens when patients are informed and engaged.
Rachel Wynn
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    You definitely found the right word -> “Wrangling” …it can get out of control and be like a bull right out of the gate. But it’s still fun to see it all and connect :)